Estelle Kenyon was born in Johannesburg, but has spent a large part of her life working and living in countries like Belgium, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Siberia and Oman. The diversity and the complexity of these cultures have influenced her visual narrative and the isolation and foreignness steered her work in a direction which expresses a longing to connect with home.

Her rich oil paintings reflecting the abundance of the fynbos express an intricate interpretation of what she remembers. There is a desire to access the silence within, from where form is born.

"I paint because I cannot not paint", says Estelle "The subject matter I choose reflects aspects of nature and forgotten memories of places I have visited, some real and some imagined".

I had a dream, which shed some light on my reasons for painting.
I found myself in a room filled with paint buckets. Some were empty, some half full and I was lifting up the lids of the buckets, peering into each one to see if that one had what I was searching for.
A voice spoke from outside of my dream and asked me what I was looking for and I replied, "I am looking for my soul".

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