Estelle Kenyon Art Workshop

Unleash your creativity and explore new artistic horizons.

A three-day mixed media abstract to the particular workshop. Explore creativity, experiment with different materials and develop your skills in creating abstract art, material exploration, as well as technical mastery.

Date: 27 June to 1 July 2024

Place: Eloff Guesthouse & Gallery
Plot 29, White River, 1240
Website: www.eloffguesthouseandgallery.com

Cost: Includes the workshop, your accommodation, all meals and refreshments
Single Person Room: R12 250 (pp)
Double Room Sharing: R7 750 (pp)


For more information or to register, contact Estelle:

Eloff Guesthouse in Witrivier in the Lowveld

What is expected to participate in this workshop?

  • A great sense of humour
  • A flexible approach
  • An open mind
  • The desire to create
  • Creative problem-solving

Instruction on the following:

  • You will be instructed on the basic approach to accurate perception and how to achieve realism.
  • You will be encouraged to express your individual creativity and personal style in an abstract artwork combined with areas of recognizable form.
  • You will be instructed on the principles of abstract composition, including balance, contrast, unity, and focal points. You will be able to apply these principles to create visually engaging and harmonious abstract compositions.
  • You will be instructed in color theory and its application in abstract art. You will be able to use color effectively to evoke emotions, create depth, and establish a visual hierarchy within your artworks.
  • Proficient in layering techniques, including transparent and opaque layering, to build depth and complexity in your artworks.
  • To create a variety of textures using different materials and tools.


  • To be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of various mixed media materials such as acrylics, powdered pigments, watercolours, collage elements, and texture mediums.
  • To have an understanding of how to use these materials effectively, including layering, blending, and creating textures.
  • To be able to effectively combine abstraction with areas of realism or recognizable form.
  • To finish the workshop with a completed abstract artwork.

Materials Provided:

Diverse drawing materials, Oil bars, Stencils, Spray paint, Basic brushes, Acrylic paint, Oil paints, Powdered pigment, Carbon paper, Basic brushes, Turpentine, Linseed Oil, Paint stripper

What you have to bring:

  • Stretched canvas, canvas panel or hardboard of your preferred size, I would suggest no smaller than 70 x 90 cm.
  • Printed images of artists whose work inspire you.
  • Reference images of choice. Please bring a variety to allow for the work to flow, It can be of figures, still life objects, flowers, patterns. The images you bring will be used as references to paint / incorporate with the mixed media textured background.
  • Specialised brushes
  • Quick drying Medium used for oil painting
  • Painting Rags
  • Tear-off palette or plenty (used Styrofoam plates or punnets can also be used)
  • Container for water and if you intend using oil, two containers either of glass( old glass bottles) or ceramic small bowls.


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